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UF Document Services - Policies & Information
UF Document Services - Procedures & Instructions
UF Mail Services - Policies & Information
UF Mail Services - Procedures & Instructions

UF Document Services - Policies & Information

Document Services contributes to the development of the University of Florida community by meeting the printing and copying needs of the University. Through technological advancements and cost-effective outsourcing, materials and services of the highest quality are delivered to clients in an efficient and financially reasonable manner.
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UF Document Services - Procedures & Instructions

A) Copying Services. Document Services provides high speed copying with fast turnaround for both single and double sided copying, with or without sorting. Full Digital Color copying is also available for jobs up to 12" x 18".

B) Graphic Design. Document Services provides graphic design and layout for newsletters, brochures, postcards, documents, letterheads, business cards, envelopes, flyers, posters, memos, programs, and more. Other graphic design services are typesetting, illustration, WEB page design, photo manipulation, and importing items through the network.

C) Posters and Banners. Our wide-format printer can produce posters and banners up to 38" with high-resolution images in vibrant color.

D) Paper Stocks. Document Services offers paper and card stock in a wide range of weights and colors. Most paper and card stocks are available in stock and can be delivered within 24 hours.

E) Other Services. Document Services provides layout, photography, folding, inserting, assembling and most types of binding services for books/booklets. Document Services is connected to the University of Florida network. You can ship your document directly to us to insure accuracy and prompt turn-around. We can provide outsourcing services with local printers to insure the lowest prices.
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UF Mail Services - Policies & Information

UF Mail Services is dedicated to the processing and delivery of University mail in a timely and efficient manner. UF Mail Services provides an important and essential link, insuring the efficient flow of mail between the US Postal Service and the campus community. UF Mail Services maximizes cost savings to the University by focusing on automation and education of the users. UF Mail Services handles correspondence related to University business only. Delivery and pick up services are provided to departments or organizations that receive funding from the University or Direct Service Organizations of the University. Faculty and staff should make arrangements to receive personal correspondence at their homes.

UF Mail carriers do not provide stamps, postcards, and envelopes for sale and delivery to departments. However, those items may be obtained from UF Mail & Document Services, Bldg. 715, Radio Road.
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UF Mail Services - Procedures & Instructions

UF Mail Services delivers official business mail to University departments located on the main campus, at no charge. Personal correspondence should be delivered to recipients' home addresses. Non-official business mail will be delivered to University departments and/or Residence Halls for a fee; contact UF Mail Services at 392-0629 for details on these and other services.


Articles consigned to UF Mail Services for delivery on campus must bear a legible address. While the name of an individual is not essential, the department name, building location, and PO Box number should always be included. Adequate envelopes or wrappers must be used.

Campus mail should be bundled securely before being deposited at collection points. It is suggested that rubber bands be used for 10 or more letter-sized envelopes to the same department. Addresses should be faced in one direction.

A single departmental mailing of 30 or more pieces must be sorted and bundled as to destination. For a fee, UF Mail Services will sort mailings that exceed 30 pieces.

UF Mail Services can transport single interdepartmental packages that do not weigh more than of 50 lbs. Departments will be charged a fee for delivery of multiple packages.

Campus mail for delivery to students living in residence halls must include the name of the student, the residence hall and box number. This mail must be sorted by PO Box and bundled by residence hall. For a fee, UF Mail Services will sort this mail for departments.


Mail placed for pickup by UF Mail Services for delivery to the US Postal Service must carry a University of Florida return address. The following format should be used for all return addresses:
Department Name
University of Florida
PO Box number of department
Gainesville FL 32611 with correct plus 4 add on

A completed mail slip must be attached to mail to be processed through the UF Mail Services metering machines. The mail slip must be a facsimile of the mail slips furnished to departments by UF Mail Services. The mail slip must be signed by an authorized representative of the department to be charged.

UF Mail Services personnel will send mail by the least costly classification if not otherwise specified by the department. UF Mail Services has a permit account with the US Postal Service for departments doing Non-Profit mailings, Standard mailings and Business Reply Mailings.

To insure prompt delivery of all mail, faculty and staff should urge correspondents to use their complete University address.


UF Services and/or the US Postal Service do not provide mail-forwarding services for the mail addressed to University departmental PO Boxes. Department's are responsible for forwarding mail, if necessary.

Students living in residence halls need to file their Change of Address cards with the appropriate Area Office within the Housing Division. The appropriate Area Office is responsible for forwarding mail for students who move from the residence halls.


To ensure prompt delivery of all mail, faculty, staff and students living in residence halls are encouraged to urge all correspondents to use complete addresses for mail sent to the University.

Departments are encouraged to seek the lowest possible postage rates by coordinating mailing with UF Mail Services prior to beginning a project.

All envelopes should be approved by UF Mail Services prior to printing. The US Postal Service can deny a mailing if the envelope is printed incorrectly.

Any mail, which is date-sensitive, must be separated and identified to the personnel of the UF Mail Services.
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