Mail Services

  1. Delivery of USPS Mail
    • Mail Services handles all correspondences related to University business only.
    • USPS Mail and Packages including accountables.
    • Delivery and pick-up of mail is a free service to University departments.
    • Mail Services delivers USPS correspondences and Campus Mail based on six digit UF assigned Post Office Box Number. Mail is delivered based on the PO Box Number not the name of the recipient.
    • Mail Services delivers to UF Main Campus and Shands/Health Science Center.
  2. Campus Mail
    • Mail Services also handles campus mail which is mail generated by departments and delivered to other University locations on campus. Campus mail does not require postage and there is no charge for this service to University departments.
    • Campus mail is also delivered based on six digit UF assigned PO Box Number.
  3. Residence Halls
    • UF Mail Services provides delivery of mail to the Residence Halls as a service sponsored by the Department of Housing & Residence Education. Mail is delivered once per day Monday through Saturday, except on university holidays. Our dedicated clerks deliver mail to the students' assigned mail boxes and packages to the Area Desk in the respective commons area. Packages may be picked up from the Area Desk by the addressee with a picture ID. Mail addressed to a person not listed as a dorm resident will be returned to the sender. For this reason mail should not be addressed to residents using nicknames or factious names.
    • Each Residence Hall address includes an eight digit number and the name of the hall. The first two digits are for the building, the next 4 are the room number, and the last two are assigned to the individual residents, usually in the range of 01-04. The Zip code for Residence Halls is 32612 and the "+4" add-on varies by building. It is composed of the two digit number for the building followed by 01.
  4. Processing of Outgoing Mail
    • The outgoing mail is returned to the Mail Facility on Radio Road as part of the delivery process. The mail is separated and classified as either presort, international or regular mail prior to metering. The amount of postage on the regular mail is determined by size and weight of the mail piece(s). A mail slip is completed by each department and identifies the chartfield and, when appropriate, may include the type of postage to apply (such as overnight, return receipt, etc.). The actual cost of the postage is written on each respective mail slip as soon as it is processed through the meter. The information is accumulated in the meter software and transmitted to PeopleSoft and charged to the department on a monthly basis.
  5. Health Science Center (USPS Contract Station)
    • The U.S. Postal Services contracts with UF Mail Services to provide a contract station at the Health Science Center. This operation sells stamps, mails packages, and sells money money orders to students, staff and visitors to the Health Science Center. The contract station only accepts cash and checks.
  6. International Mail
    • International mail is processed by weight. Each day we count the pieces, place them in an Air Concepts (vendor for international mail) bag, weigh the bag, and prepare the airway bill. UF Departments are charged based on the total weight of their pieces. This is substantially cheaper than US Postal Service rates. If a department requests a specific US Postal Service process for their international mail, they will pay the exact cost of that service.
  7. Bulk Mail
    • Bulk mail is another method used to process mail at a substantial savings to University departments. Generally, the requirements include a minimum of 200 pieces of the same size and weight, address verification and zip code sortation. Greater quantities per zip code may bring extra savings. Additionally, nonprofit discounts may be given to University departments, excluding promotional or advertising type mailings. All savings are passed on to the departments.
  8. Stamps, etc.
    • Mail Services sells stamps, postage supplies and mails packages at the Main Campus location. The Contract Station at the Health Science Center provides these services and also sells money orders.
  9. Payment Options
    • Mail Services accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, debit cards, checks and cash.
    • Health Science Center Contract Station accepts checks and cash only.
  10. UPS Services
    • Mail Services offers UPS services at the Main Campus location on Radio Road. The cost of the service is set by UPS based on the size, weight and destination of the package. Additional information is available at the UPS website (
  11. USPS
    • Additional information related to postage rates, etc. is available at the United States Postal Service website (
  12. Other Services
    • Mail Services also provide Notary Public, shredding and fax services.