Mail Services


UF Mail Services is dedicated to the processing and delivery of University mail in a timely and efficient manner. UF Mail Services provides an important and essential link, ensuring the efficient flow of mail between the US Postal Service and the campus community. UF Mail Services maximizes cost savings to the University by focusing on automation and education of the users.

The objective of UF Mail Services is to provide delivery, pick-up and processing of all letter and package mail for UF departments, Health Science Center / Shands Hospital and student residence halls, in a timely and accurate manner. This includes interdepartmental (campus) mail, international mail, and US Postal Services incoming and outgoing mail. Additionally, UF Mail Services sells stamps and mails packages for individuals at US Postal Services rates. UF Mail Services operates a full US Postal Services contract station at the Health Science Center facility.

Since UF Mail Services handles correspondence related to University business only, faculty and staff should make arrangements to receive personal mail at home. UF Mail Services provides pickup and delivery service to central points in campus buildings. We distribute campus correspondences as well as U.S. mail. Please note that UF Mail Services is responsible for the Main Campus and the Health Science Center / Shands only.

Mailing addresses on campus will use one of the three unique Zip Codes assigned to the University of Florida. Addresses in the Health Science Center will use 32610. Departments on the Main Campus, and East Campus, will use 32611. Residence Halls (dorms) will have addresses using 32612.

Each department has been assigned a six-digit PO Box number as a mailing address. Be sure that all your correspondences have your PO Box number. It is your responsibility to update your correspondences with your correct mailing address (PO Box number).

In addition to the delivery and processing of USPS mail, UF Mail Services also provides UPS services at the Radio Road location.

Additional information related to postage rates, etc. is available at the United States Postal Service website (

Mail Services is located at 3030 Radio Road on the Southwest portion of the campus between Elmore Hall and the Physical Plant Division. Lakeside Residential Complex is directly across the road. Visitor parking is available in front of the building.